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Local Philanthropy & Service

Local Philanthropy & Service

In addition to raising money and awareness for arthritis and related diseases, our sisters recognize the importance of giving back in many other ways. 

A Message from our Philanthropy Chair - Anna Schlagenhauf

Serving as Delta Omega’s Philanthropy Chair for the 2017 term, it is my direct duty and honor to raise awareness of the philanthropic responsibilities and charity in which we were founded on.  The Delta Omega chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi focuses specifically on two different philanthropies: our national philanthropy, Arthritis Research and the Arthritis Foundation, as well as our local philanthropy, West Kentucky Mentoring.  Delta Omega has raised over $10,000 annually for Arthritis Research and the Arthritis Foundation from our spring and fall philanthropic events: “Strike Out Arthritis” and “Mr. MSU.” 

Every spring, the ladies of AOII Delta Omega hold a philanthropy event entitled “Strike Out Arthritis.”  In the past years it has been a softball tournament, however last year we changed it up and held a bowling tournament instead.  It turned out to be extremely successful and will be continued this year.  The participation and support we get from Murray State students, as well as the Murray community is essential for the success of our events and for that we’re very appreciative. 

Along with “Strike Out” we also hold a fall philanthropic event, “Mr. MSU.”  “Mr. MSU” is a male beauty pageant in which men representing different student organizations are on stage for a night of entertainment.  This event is held annually on the Friday night of Parent’s Weekend in Murray State University’s renowned Lovett Auditorium. Members of the Murray community, as well as Murray State students are in attendance at this event and get to witness the crowning of the Mr. MSU! “Mr. MSU” will be held on September 25th, 2017 at 7pm in Lovett Auditorium, we hope to see you there! 

Philanthropy is a service in which my sisters and I hold near and dear to our hearts.  Delta Omega alone has raised over $140,650 for the Arthritis foundation and we plan to continue the growth of that amount each year.  Along with our two main events, we also participate in other philanthropic activities including the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis, AOII Goes Blue Week for Arthritis, and other service projects in the community of Murray. We're so excited to share our love for philanthropy with you and we hope to see you at Strike Out or Mr. MSU in the future! 

Alpha Love and All of Mine,

Anna Schlagenhauf
Philanthropy Chair